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Hemingway famously called Paris a “movable feast.” His experiences there as a young man had a profound impression on him, and he was able to bring memories of that time along with him through the years his life.

As well, Todd’s and my experiences and travels –  the merriment,  the attitudes, the people, the food and the spaces – never leave us.  In fact, they are in motion with us wherever we go.  The  wonderful nuances of times and places live on and never leave our  memory.  No matter where we find ourselves, we can call on these experiences – always moving along with us on the next journey… of our moving feast.

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We are 50-somethings, mostly retired and endeavoring to make the most of our time as empty-nesters.   In this second chapter of our lives, we are getting out of our comfort zone, and opening our horizons to new experiences, places and cultures.  Whether we are on the road or at home, we intend to always embrace the journey!